A brief history of vlogging on Youtube

Hi there, when I was a teenager (somewhere in the early 2000s) blogging, not vlogging, was hugely popular on the internet. Roughly a decade later, blogging has passed the throne to vlogging.

Check out the video below to learn about the history of vlogging! 

Video blogging is born

In April 2005, the first video was uploaded to Youtube, titled “Me at the Zoo”. This video in no way constitutes the first vlog. Long before then, people were already uploading home-made videos on their personal blogs or websites. Blogging by means of online video became known as ‘video blogging’ or ‘vlogging’.

One of the earliest vlogs in history was uploaded in January 2000 by a guy called Adam Kontras. Kontras posted a small video of him smuggling a dog into a hotel alongside a blog post on his website. Back in 2000, the community of vloggers was scattered across the internet. People would upload videos on their personal website or platforms like Myspace and vimeo, but there was not one dominant platform to consolidate this content.

The early days of Youtube

When Youtube launched in 2005, people were suddenly able to upload videos free of charge on a platform containing a much wider audience. This sparked an interest among early video creators willing to share their content with anybody who was interested really.

In these early days of Youtube, people would often upload videos shot in their bed- or livingroom with a low-quality webcam or camcorder. (Mobile phone) cameras were not as performant back then, so webcams provided an easy and cheap way alternative to recording videos. Remember that the Youtube partnership program did not exist until 2007, meaning there was no steady stream of income available for vloggers to upgrade their equipment. The bedroom was the preferred setting to film because it created a sense of authenticity and intimacy towards the audience. This was also recognized by the producer behing Lonelygirl15, a scripted online show about a teenage girl sharing thoughts from behind a webcam in her bedroom. The show caused a lot of controversy and media attention in 2006 when people discovered that this so-called lonely teenager was actually an actress re-enacting a script!

Vlogging entered the mainstream…

If you would like to learn more about the history of vlogging, simply check out my Youtube video below! Please leave a comment if you have any questions or thoughts about the past and future of vlogging… I find it fascinating how this genre has evolved over time!


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