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Forced Positivity on Youtube

PewDiePie, the most subscribed Youtube channel,  recently posted a video about forced positivity on Youtube. It generated a lot of reaction on his channel (57,000 comments) and elsewhere in the Youtube community. Later, Casey Neistat, a famous Youtube vlogger, and Philip DeFranco also posted videos talking about this topic.

What exactly is this discussion about forced positivity on Youtube and other social media?

Faking happiness for views

Internet users seem in dispute about whether forced positivity on Youtube is acceptable.

proYoutubers first and foremost need to entertain their audience. Viewers prefer to watch positive and uplifting rather than negative and sad content. They demand positive videos, and understand that these often need to be prepared and rehearsed. Content creators, like PewDiePie, are getting tired of putting on their happy face in front of the camera. Especially daily vloggers, like Casey Neistat, consider themselves lucky to be able to edit out the bad parts of their day.

contra1Content creators on social media do not clearly communicate where reality ends and staged performance begins. This is problematic because young teens look up to social media stars, and wonder why they cannot feel as happy or positive all the time. Certain viewers would prefer honest videos even if this confronts them with unpleasant events or feelings.

Which types of videos do you prefer watching?

Goodbye fake news

The discussion about forced, or fake, positivity on Youtube resonates with millennials’ concern about fake news and post-truth outbreaks of 2016.

Millennials are fed up with the constant stream of fake, biased, or click-baited news and images, which have infested social media. If you ask me, forced positivity had a good run in 2016, but the social media landscape of 2017 will be marked by users demanding uncensored, brutal truths from media figures, peers and politicians alike.



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